Grok Swift is written by Christina Moulton of Teak Mobile Inc. I’ve been building iOS apps for 7 years and still randomly type retain]; once in a while. I wrote a book on creating iOS apps with REST APIs.

I love Alamofire, Swift, git, sailing, craft beer (if it’s not all IPAs), live music, my dog, and Oxford commas. I really didn’t mind Objective-C but it’d be really hard to go back now. I hate SOAP APIs, poorly executed web wrappers in mobile apps, people who are sure they can predict the future, and soggy food.

I’ve built apps for managing drone flights, racing cars, controlling robots, showing off Salesforce integrations at conferences, and faking poltergeists.

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Making your first Swift app that uses a web service can be overwhelming

It seems like every time you try to figure it out you just add more things to learn to your list: REST, Alamofire, parsing JSON, OAuth, App Transport Security, setting headers, …

But it doesn’t have to be confusing. In this free 5-part course, we’ll work through what you really need to know, one step at a time, building our skills as we go. (And get free Swift tutorials, sent straight to your inbox.)

iOS Apps with REST APIs Cover

With iOS Apps with REST APIs ebook I’ll teach you how to build Swift apps that get their data from web services without hundreds of pages about flatmap and Core Whatever. iOS Apps with REST APIs ebook is the book I wish I had on my first iOS contract when I was struggling to figure out how to get the API data showing up in the app I was building.