Most of my services focus on companies with new or existing web apps who are adding iPhone and iPad apps to their offerings.


Have customers who are interested in iPhone apps for your service but the rest of your company isn’t sold on the idea yet? I’ve helped CTOs, BAs, and dev managers build proof of concept apps to get internal buy in.

Includes scheduled or on-demand remote video conferencing and screensharing focusing on where you’re stuck. We’ll use your existing web API or collaborate with a web developer to pull in features from your web app to create an iOS app focused on the key workflows that your customers want.

Road Mapping and Technical Risk Analysis

Not sure that you know what features should be included an your iOS app? Or whether they’re technically feasible on iOS?

We’ll work through your potential features to layout a roadmap and timeline for your app. From a minimum viable initial release to full-featured v2.0, so you can nail down your app strategy without spending months before you have anything you can show to customers.

Once that plan is laid out you’ll be able to decide whether to hire a full-time employee, contract out the development, or retrain your current team to tackle the app development.

Consulting and Expert Support

If you decide to have your current team or new hires build you app, I can offer support via Slack, your internal tools, or email to help them get up to speed with iOS. This service can include regular code reviews.

Contract Development

Occasionally I have availability to take on building your app for you. Most often I work with your existing backend team to extend the web app to integrate the iOS app.

Alternatively, we can use a Baas (Backend as a Service) for early versions of the app. Then we’ll lay out an eventual migration plan for when it becomes more economical to build a custom server-side app.

About Me

I’ve been building iOS apps for over 7 years. I’ve built apps for managing drone flights, racing cars, controlling robots, showing off Salesforce integrations at conferences, and faking poltergeists.

Here’s what a few recent clients have had to say:

In less than 30 days Christina produced an app still has some of our other developers mesmerized. Christina is the perfect example of the difference between hiring someone who’s just good at what they do and someone who’s great at what they do.
I couldn’t give Christina a stronger recommendation.
Matt Scobel, CEO at Dandy

One of the brightest people I have worked with. She has an uncanny ability to work both at the system level and deep into the code, bringing multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills to bear. She is an effective manager and solid team player, she works hard and delivers on schedule.
Dan Murray - President at DJM Consulting


Do you build Android apps, web apps, Windows applications, Mac OS X apps, …?

I don’t do android, server side (Swift or otherwise), desktop, react native (or any other cross platform framework) or web development.

Focusing on native iOS apps lets me keep up with the latest features and build more knowledge about user interfaces and experiences.

Do you only work with companies?

I don’t coach individual developers working on personal projects or their own startups. They’re generally better served by building their own skills to build an MVP or finding a budget-focused developer to work with initially.

Do you work on-site or travel to work with clients?

Infrequently I travel for meetings or road mapping engagements in Eastern Canada.

I don’t do any on-site work.


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