Let Me Help You Build Your First Web Service App in Swift — for Free

Making your first Swift app that uses a web service can be overwhelming. It seems like every time you try to figure it out you just add more things to learn to your list: REST, Alamofire, parsing JSON, OAuth, App Transport Security, setting headers, …

It doesn’t have to be confusing

In this free 5-part course, we’ll work through what you really need to know, one step at a time, building our skills as we go. (And after the course you’ll keep getting free Swift tutorials sent straight to your inbox.)

Typing on laptop

We’ll take it one step at a time to build up the skills we need:

  1. Making simple REST API calls With Swift
  2. Using Alamofire and SwiftyJSON to make API calls with less boilerplate
  3. Creating Swift objects from our API call results, so we’re not stuck using JSON everywhere
  4. Hooking up a REST API to a UITableView
  5. Creating a detail view and parsing lots of JSON

By the end of the course you’ll be able to set up a Swift app that pulls data from a web service and displays it in a table view. You’ll even be able to tap on items to transition to a second view that shows more data from your API.

Start the free course now and in just a few weeks you’ll know just what you need to get started building Swift apps with APIs.